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Responses to the needs and opinions expressed by our Clients are a necessary element allowing for our company's development and also for progress in our research and development work. We believe that both Polish science and industry can soon catch up with the world's leaders. We think that at present, Polish science needs cooperation with biotechnological companies which, owing to their specialization, can significantly reduce the time needed for research, thus accelerating the commercialization of research results. This, in turn, may contribute to the development of biotechnological companies. We believe in the power of such feedback.

We do invite you to share with us your problems encountered in your everyday work at the laboratory. We will try to find a solution or indicate the right procedure, whenever possible. Your opinions or suggestions will allow us to strive to increase the quality of our services on a continuous basis and also to meet your expectations.

We invite you to cooperate with us!

A few words about us

The Genesius company is connected with the scientific discipline called synthetic biology, which constitutes a combination of molecular biology, genetic engineering and chemistry of nanostructures.


We offer constructs consisting of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), and Human AID recombinant protein which can be used in the process of creating the end product, e.g. the medicinal product.

How to order

Should you have any doubts on how to order our products, contact us +48 600 605 857 / info@genesius.pl.

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