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The operation pattern of the company Genesius sp. z o.o. can be described by means of the following triangle, "scientists - manager - the company's employees". Innovative companies, which should drive the economic growth in Poland, need fuel in the form of regular communication with the best scientists. Those scientists, however, should focus on conducting research and development work. On the other hand, they should not become involved in bureaucratic problems (financial statements, tax settlements, etc.) or organizational ones (the structure of employment and employee remuneration, incentive system, sales department operations, etc.), and they should only participate in the company's human resources policy only to a limited extent (consulting in the assessment of employee/candidate qualifications) and in its transaction policy (participation in developing the price/purchase strategy and consulting during negotiations with business partners). Only such an approach guarantees that scientists will keep an appropriate level of knowledge and skills in their areas. Therefore, appropriately prepared managers should be responsible for the whole process of managing an innovative company. In the Genesius company, Maciej Kokorniak, doctor of economics, fulfils the role of the manager (President of the Management Board), whose academic knowledge and 6 years' experience in managerial positions guarantees appropriate management of the company.

Scientists, who closely cooperate with the company, include:

  • Prof. Marek Figlerowicz;
  • Prof. Ryszard Kierzek;
  • Prof. Hieronim Maciejewski;
  • Dr Marcin Chmielewski, Prof. of IChB PAN;
  • Dr Anna Kurzyńska-Kokorniak;
  • Dr Paulina Jackowiak;
  • Dr Anna Urbanowicz.

A few words about us

The Genesius company is connected with the scientific discipline called synthetic biology, which constitutes a combination of molecular biology, genetic engineering and chemistry of nanostructures.


We offer constructs consisting of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), and Human AID recombinant protein which can be used in the process of creating the end product, e.g. the medicinal product.

How to order

Should you have any doubts on how to order our products, contact us +48 600 605 857 / info@genesius.pl.

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