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We are pleased to inform, that we introduced to the market a completelly new product: Human AID recombinant protein. To encourage you to purchase our product we are open to the possibility of sending you a free sample of the protein. This shall give you an opportunity to test whether the quality and purity of the human AID recombinant protein is sufficient for your work (see the leaflet in third section - Human AID recombinant protein).

We offer a broad range of constructs consisting of nucleic acids, both single- and double-strand ones, DNA and RNA. We are the first Polish company specializing in the production of double-strand DNA (dsDNA), obtained on the basis of shorter fragments obtained by chemical synthesis methods (the so-called synthons). Such an approach allows us for creating constructs with any sequence.
On the Client's request, sequences are introduced into selected media (plasmid vectors), allowing for subsequent replication as well as for expression of selected sequences.
Depending on your needs and expectations, we ensure the possibility of consultations concerning the constructs obtained at each stage of their production.
All constructs we obtain are verified for the compliance of the obtained sequence with the ordered sequence.
Taking care of top quality and purity of our products at the individual stages of production, we perform additional qualitative and quantitative analyses of the obtained sequences.

Price list

Constructs up to 1000 base pairs (bp) - production time: 1-2 weeks, price: from PLN 1,000
Constructs 1000 - 3000 bp - production time up to 1 month, price: to be agreed
Constructs 3000 bp < in accordance with individual arrangements

We also offer...

  • miRNA, siRNA
  • DNA sequences selectively capturing defined/set molecules, the so-called molecular "sponges"
  • single-strand DNA, RNA over 100-nucleotide long (nt)
  • expert opinions in the area of patent protection     

Prices to be agreed.

DNA/RNA sythesis is made in cooperation with our partner company - FUTUREsynthesis. We invite you to visit their website for further details: FutureSynthesis.com

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Activation-induced cytidine deaminase, also known as AICDA and AID, is a 24 kDa enzyme which in humans is encoded by the AICDA gene.It creates mutations in DNA by deamination of cytosine base, which turns it into uracil (which is recognized as a thymine). In other words, it changes a C:G base pair into a U:G mismatch. The cell's DNA replication machinery recognizes the U as a T, and hence C:G is converted to a T:A base pair. During germinal center development of B lymphocytes, AID also generates other types of mutations, such as C:G to A:T. The mechanism by which these other mutations are created is not well-understood.

We are pleased to inform, tha we can offer you a completely new product on the market:

  • Human AID recombinant protein (size: 0.5 U/µl (20 µl)
  • Reaction Buffer 10× (1 ml)

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We offer the following products/services:

  • Cell lines and tissue cultures
  • Microscopy (including confocal microscopy)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy
  • CD and UV melting studies
  • Liquid chromatography (including HPLC)
  • Determination of RNA secondary structure based on isoenergetic microarrays (microarrays mapping is successfully used to solve secondary structures of many RNAs as well as RNA/protein and RNA1/protein/RNA2 complexes)
  • SHAPE-directed RNA secondary structure prediction
  • Selection of aptamers

We also offer:

  • Landscape studies,
  • Advanced searches through ESPACENET, DEPATISnet, and Derwent World Patents Index,
  • Detailed reports on intellectual rights protection.

A few words about us

The Genesius company is connected with the scientific discipline called synthetic biology, which constitutes a combination of molecular biology, genetic engineering and chemistry of nanostructures.


We offer constructs consisting of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), and Human AID recombinant protein which can be used in the process of creating the end product, e.g. the medicinal product.

How to order

Should you have any doubts on how to order our products, contact us +48 600 605 857 / info@genesius.pl.

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